Saturday, February 4, 2012

Zoya - Reva

I have a whole bunch of Zoya polishes that I under utilized for a very long time, because I always had problems getting them to dry completely on my nails. For some reason, the top would always dry perfectly, but the polish would remain soft for days underneath, leaving me with dings and dents. It made me sad. Luckily Zoya seems to play well with Seche Vite top coat and I haven't had a problem with hardening since.

Yesterday was awareness day for heart health, and everyone was supposed to wear red in support of it. I don't own many pieces of red clothing, so I ended up putting red on my nails. I chose Reva. It is a strawberry red with gold shimmer in it. I absolutely adore this polish. It is so dimensional. Then I remembered the striping tape I had ordered a few weeks ago. There were two golds in the set of striping tape that I bought. One was a smooth gold, and one was a more patterned gold. I decided to use the patterned gold for the accent on my nails because I felt it matched the gold glitter in Reva better.

The formula was very smooth despite being in my collection for quite a while. I thought two coats was plenty, but looking at some of my photos, it is a bit sheer in some places still. That could be entirely my fault though. Next time I will probably go with three coats though.

Here are some photos for you. Forgive my sloppy work and ragged cuticles. I haven't been moisturizing enough recently and it has been a long time since I've been in for a pro shaping and the likes. With out further ado, the photos!

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me with my own money, and I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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