Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CG - Glittering Garland

Glittering Garland by China Glaze was one of the polishes that was released with their holiday collection in 2011. My first impression when looking at it online is that it was just a densely packed hunter green glitter. My first impression is wrong. Yes, it is indeed glittery, but it is a pigmented base. I wasn't sold on this color when it first arrived in my mailbox. It looked dark in the bottle, indoors. I tend to shy away from dark colors because they make my already short nails look even shorter. I have to say though, my mind was changed when I finally got around to wearing it last night.

The brush is the usual CG brush. A little too narrow for my super wide nails, so it took some finagling to get it to look right. The formula is surprisingly smooth considering how much glitter is in this polish. It was smooth after one coat of top coat, which was a relief. It self leveled well. Once again, I used my striping tape for the accent finger. I love my striping tape. LOL



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